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On November 4th 2007, Antietam Fire Company officially put into service Special Unit 32. As in the past tradition, Special Unit 32 was pushed into its quarters by the members and volunteers of Antietam Fire Company.

Special Unit 32 is built on a Ford f-550 super duty, 4 wheel drive crew cab chasses. It is equipped with 4-scott 4.5 scba's, extinguishers, absorbent, step clocks, and a assortment of hand tools. The unit is equipped with A 1500 amp inverter, 2 100' cords and quartz lights.

This was a historical event and shows how fund-raising can benefit the community. The Antietam Fire Company purchased the Ford F-550 with funds raised through out the years, this unit will now provide additional support to the Hagerstown Fire Dept.